Dispute Automation Services

Remove the work that is required when running a credit repair business, we have streamlined the process. We want you to focus on sales and the growth of your business, nothing more.

Dispute Automation Services

One of our favorite features we offer takes away the hassle of hiring someone to control and operate a mail room. We have an opted in service that allows users to use our automated disputing services, no more headaches. It starts with a single click credit pull which separates disputable items and then adds the clients to a dispute queue on a month to month basis.

Report Refresh

Let your clients keep all the paperwork from the credit bureaus, with monthly credit report refreshing. Say for example you had 500 existing clients, that's 1500 packets of results that require updating. Score Driven's report refreshing removes the need for manually updating results this will automatically do a full analysis. Our automation takes any existing accounts and compares them to items removed as well pulling a new set of credit scores.

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